ARK Survival Evolved: Tripwire Alarm

ARK Survival Evolved: Tripwire Alarm

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Tripwire Alarm Trap
ARK Survival Evolved: Tripwire Alarm
Place two of these near each other to create a trap.
Type Trap
Single use Yes
Added in Patch 186.0
Item ID 326
Required level Level 20
Engram Points 7 EP

Resources breakdown

3 × Metal
5 × Wood
30 × Fiber
6 × Hide
2 × Oil

Tripwire Alarm is another type of trap that the players can use in ARK Survival Evolved. Please note that this trap can release such a loud noise when being triggered. You can create it if you put two traps down and near each other. After you finish, there will be a wire appearing between them and do the function just like the tripwire. You can use this way to follow the trace of anyone who wants to violate your realm. But using on PvE servers will be limited. If you are not cautious, you will easily set the trap off.

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