ARK Survival Evolved: Tutorial on What to Tame and How – Part 2

ARK Survival Evolved: Tutorial on What to Tame and How – Part 2

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Continue to find out which dinosaur you should consider taming in ARK Survival Evolved game now! There are still many untamed dinosaurs and creatures that await you ahead. If you are a real adventurer, and you love challenges, you should go for them. So what are those dinosaurs? And what are specific things about them? How to tame them? All questions will be resolved!
List of Dinosaurs that should be tamed and some of the methods to tame them
This is a mount that you have to get! This creature can help you fly and scout, also, you will get permission to obtain rare mountain resources easily. For one that is just level 6 or even just under that, you just only use your crossbow and perform 1 shot. Aim at its forehead then launche around 1-2 shots with your bow
It can be utilized to aggro Argentavis, take them closer to your foundation in which you can defeat them and domesticate them easily. After that, you can totally pick up the dinosaur and release them in their cage where you can domesticate them following your way if you utilize the bigger flying dinosaurs.


You can domesticate this creature as many as you can defeat them at once. A player of ARK game had an interesting experience with the taming of this creature. He domesticated on within 20 seconds because he couldn’t stand the annoying insects anymore. In the end, he tamed some of them. With 6 creatures that have levels just under 30, they can totally defeat a Rex that is at above level 30 easily.
You won’t find any land animal that can grab you while you are taking a leap. And they are extremely fast and thrilling to take a ride on. About their weight, they can carry you on their back and bring you to your inventory. More importantly, they are known as an excellent swimmer, and they can last longer than any creature. You can use them as mounts to do ocean farming. There is a nice thing that you should know about them; that is they don’t utilize stamina much when swimming, and they only swim at a fast speed. But their drawback is that they don’t launch attack under water, but surely, they can move around the other creatures. You can use them to move to the Snow Biome because they are very quick!
This creature is your initial mount for the platform. You should try to get this one because it permits you to obtain a moving base. It’s very easy to domesticate. The best tool to use for your taming is the bow when you can sprint. The crossbow may take a long time to load, and perhaps you are unable to run when it’s loading. Hence, it will make you an easy target that is aimed by the quick Paracer.
Stay watchful! You must be careful to have one, then drag him far away from other creatures, or else you can begin to destroy but the one that you wish.
Defeat this creature by using the bow for the similar reasons to Paracer. Once again, similar to the Paracer, it tries to get on by itself, then slays all creatures in the zone which will battle instead of just flying when being assaulted because the whipping tail of it will agitate a bunch of dinosaurs
You are recommended once again to domesticate more than one creature at once. You should go hunt for more dinosaurs in the forest, don’t just stay still, sit there and do nothing. That’s not good at all! If you work hard, you will domesticate a lot of creatures, for instance, Bronto, Stegos, Paracers and so forth.





You can domesticate this creature to get his dung when you have the farms done. You can use stims to feed him then make him poop.
This creature can be known as Walking Meat, and it’s extremely tough to domesticate more than one at once, but it’s very crucial for you to get, especially for the Raptor kibble that can control to the Mammoth.
This is an excellent wood gatherer, and Mammoth does have perfect health and weight. It’s tough for you to get a Mammoth because it inhabits in the Snow Biome. You can make one angry and then take it out into the adjacent biome and take the time to domesticate him.
You can find where these helpful creatures are through the Snow Biome part below.
Sabertooth is very good at gathering hides, so it’s kind of worth having this one! This creature can be a wonderful hide gatherer. However, there are still other players who prefer the Beel as a great ride. But when you get higher, the low carry the weight of the Beel will be a problem that you will face. At that time, you perhaps prefer Argentavis!
Meglaoceros is an extremely fast creature, and it can carry weight very well. Once you tame one, you can make it go around the base location at a faster pace; it can help you carry items, and you no need to worry about that much. It’s tough to grab, and you have to cause it to get trapped between the boulders or the trees.
This is a creature that you have to domesticate when it’s up there along with T-Rex and Spinosaur to collect prime. The low-level ones can be very effortless to obtain with around 2-4 crossbow body shots. This creature has such a tough head, so you have to shoot at its body.
Itchy is very effortless for you to domesticate. You are required to have the dodo kibble. If you catch one that is close to the shoreline, you need to come close enough so that this creature can approach you and then it will run to you. If you need to enter deeper, then you are suggested to utilize a Beel because they are quicker.
Trike can give you a lot of eggs for kibble so that you can use those kibbles for Sarco. But, this creature can be very slow, and it’s really worth the try!

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