ARK Survival Evolved: Tutorial on How to Tame Difficult Dinosaurs

ARK Survival Evolved: Tutorial on How to Tame Difficult Dinosaurs

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In ARK Survival Evolved, there are plenty of tough and hostile dinosaurs for you to domesticate. Most of the players will have difficulties when they are about to tame these ones, including Compy, Megalodon, sometimes Mesopithecus, Gigantopicecus and so forth. If you want to tame one of them but you have no idea about that, you should check out this tutorial for further information!
Difficult dinosaurs and how to tame them
If you are just at low levels, you may find it very hard to seize a Compy because you are always sure that you have enough Prime Meat that is known as the only helpful thing that can help you in domesticating them. Here is a simple way for you! You just construct an easy room that has a door, and you will have two options, either when you are under attack by a Compy troop or get a curious Compy to come behind you, rush into the stockade and then wait until it enters and be a quick rush out, and quickly shut it. After that, you can get prime, defeat the suckers by using your fist.

Megalodon can be a dangerous creature to you; they are very usual somewhere in your location. You must be careful with them trying to launch their attacks to you while you are doing something, like mining the Oil Nodes for instance. If you want to deal with them, you need to prepare a Beel, along with Saddle and a Carbo that has a Saddle too. You can also prepare just several Carbo and a remote control too, even though you are taking a risk to lose your Carbo.
The first thing you have to do is to get in that location with your Beel, then try to make some of the Megalodons angry, provoke if you dare! Normally, you may find groups of three, but maybe if you are in luck, you can even domesticate these creatures for the initial time using this method, and you will obtain 6 in the end. Anyway, you need to get them closer to the shore, when they come closer, you must leave and take a leap off of it, then jump on the Carbo, enter and hit one, then return to the shore. Now, they perhaps get very closer to the shore and extremely irritated. Jump off the Carbo and begin to shoot at them. If they don’t have any interest anymore, you should go on Beel and take them back, or try to attack them a little bit. You should try to defeat all of them. Remember to carry a lot of tranquilizer arrows, get them hungry based on the amount required, then go destroy all but one, and utilize the fresh meat and prime meat to domesticate the rest one.


(for several uncertain reasons, seemingly, the male Megalodon is always itself and beginning at the fins in front.
This creature is not tough to tackle with! You just have the appropriate kibble. And it’s not hard to make at all. If you want to get closer to it, just couch and move at a slow speed or rush instantly when it turns your back towards you. The kibble should be available at the slot zero; you mustn’t hit zero and absorb the kibble. Just simple hit “E: when the message pops up. Once you fed it, you shouldn’t make any movement, just wait until it turns its back towards you and tries to hold him in that range when it fulfills that. If it starts turning your direction, just stop. With this way, it’s a low chance for him to run. If he starts rushing, you need to keep him and let him be ins sight of you, then wait until your creature cools off.
* If enough time moves for the second feed, and this creature is still staring at you, you need to go forward while you are crouching
You can try to tame this creature if you want, especially if you are long for the eggs. They are known as jerks, and stupid guys that will attack you of you approach them too close.
This creature is not hard to tame at all! It can be easier than making an effort to get the rare eggs that it prefers.

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