ARK PS4 Patch Notes: 521.0

ARK PS4 Patch Notes: 521.0

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ARK PC Patch Notes: PS4 521.0

We have had an exciting patch note reserved for the awesome ARK: Survival Evolved game. It was released on April 26, 2018.

Dino TLC – Argentavis

It is called the Argy or the Argent. It is a species of bird in ARK: Survival Evolved game. There are three updates for that animal including the model, animation, and texture. Do not forget some abilities!

  • Can carry 2 creatures at once
    • Right Stick to grab or drop them with its beak
    • Claws are the main means to clutch or release passengers
  • The health regen buff from eating corpses
  • The saddle will work as a mobile crafting station.
  • Decreased the weight of resources by up to 50%, consisting of Obsidian, Metal, Metal Ingot, Polymer, and Stone

ARK PS4 521.0

Dino TLC – Parasaur

Parasaur or Parasaurolophus is one of the dinosaurs in ARK: Survival Evolved PC game. It is referred to “The poor man’s Iguanodon”.

It gets a sound tweak and a few other abilities like:

  • An alarm mode
    • Can be set in the turret mode and supervise threats nearby
    • Tell you audibly and visually if there are dangerous situations
  • Can make small creatures scared
    • Right Stick if it is controlled – causes a great fear for small or mid animals
    • Turn off or on the alarm mode to make it act automatically
  • Scan
    • Can enable a scan (the secondary attack) when you ride it
    • Can scrutinize dangers in the surroundings
    • Inform you of the current intimidation

Dino TLC – Raptor

It is the Utahraptor (Yoo-tah-RAP-tor), a dinosaur that you will see in the ARK: Survival Evolved ps4 game. It is given upgrades of the model, animation, texture update, and some skills such as:

  • Pounce
    • The secondary attack to catch the prey
    • Attach weaker targets to the ground for a while
    • Use the main attack to bite constantly
  • Pack Buff
    • It will run with Right Stick if 2 Raptors (with a max pack size of 6) are together
    • Improved the damage resistance
    • Increased the movement and attack speed
    • Lasts 15 seconds

Dino TLC – Sarco

Play ARK: Survival Evolved game and do not ignore the Sarcosuchus (SAR-koh-SOO-kiss)! It brings several updates for the model, animation, texture. It is added with more abilities, too.

  • Do nothing with the opened mouth
  • Death roll
    • Seize something and roll dealing the damage and limiting them
  • Lunge
    • Can suddenly thrust towards the opposite objective with Right Stick
  • 180 attack
    • Can spin before attacking the rival staying behind it
  • Walkable
    • Help friendly humans walk on and stand on the back without difficulty
    • It is very effective in water. You can guide them to the surface and select it as a raft.
  • Swimming depth
    • Keep the depth when swimming
    • Can lurk under the surface
  • Piranhas Flee
    • Piranhas will escape once they detect a Sarcosuchus.
    • Including close ally Sarcos for character

Dino TLC – Spino

Spino is Spinosaur (SPY-no-SAWR) is a gigantic carnivorous dino in ARK: Survival Evolved game. It usually roams rivers and swamp areas of the island. It receives many updates for its model, texture, animation and other powers:

  • Water buff
    • It will be provided when it is in water.
    • It gets the bonus for the movement speed, turning radius, attack damage, and healing.
    • Continue for a few minutes after it leaves the lake
  • Added Biped/Quadruped switched off or on with the secondary attack
    • Biped
      • More powerful hits
      • Can turn in place
    • Quadruped
      • Increased the movement speed
  • Like better prime fish for taming

Dino TLC – Trike

In ARK: Survival Evolved PC game, it is also named the Triceratops (try-SAIR-uh-tops). It has similar upgrade items to animals above.

  • Ram
    • Charge up for a short time
    • It will go faster if it is charged for longer.
    • Disable the prey with its assault
    • Knock away smaller dinos while charging
  • Competitiveness buff
    • Offered buff when it is near big carnivores
    • Slightly rise up the damage output
    • Reduce the damage taken a bit
    • Enhance the health by 10%


  • Activated object transfers and the vanilla version of the extraordinary creatures in ARK: Survival Evolved ps4 game to be moved to Aberration servers
  • It means that you can be in charge of the own Spino to an Aberration server
  • Ragnarok update
    • Streaming bounds fix to support you with the memory
    • Fixed issues of holes, bugged beacons, and the floating foliage
    • Finer lighting around the LL dungeon
    • Putting up within the Ragnarok Puzzle cave blocked
  • Hole fixes for
    • Aberration
    • The Center
    • The Island
  • Fixed a problem in which Griffin feather colors popped up to be default in single player

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