ARK Primitive Plus Update 1.5

ARK Primitive Plus Update 1.5

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ARK PC Patch Notes: Primitive Plus 1.5

It is a useful version for issues that you could encounter when playing ARK: Survival Evolved game. It was launched for PC on May 30th, 2017, in 258.0.

ARK Primitive Plus 1.5


1.5 update added dozens of items to your favorite ARK game. They include:

  • There will be the Industrial Forge and the Industrial Cooker
  • Not only that, you will receive the Alchemy Bench, the Sorghum, the Soybean, or the Spinach.
  • Aside from that, it provides the cannon together with the Coal resource, the Steel Locker, the Sticky Bomb, and visual and sound indicators reserved for exploding barrels.
  • Besides, all of the engrams and the saddle ones have been improved.
  • Do not forget the chair engram which will also appear in ARK game!
  • Re-added the mailbox engram


There are a lot of changes for sections in ARK: Survival Evolved pc game, consisting of:

  • Reset the position of P+ Adobe with S.E. Adobe
  • Got rid of the Meat Preserving Shed with the Modern Wood Fiber Storage engram and the Apiary/PP+ Honey (beeswax can be seen in the beehive without difficulty)
  • Reduced the time to catch the prey for the fishing trap
  • Lowered the size of the bookshelf in order to make it fit under a roof
  • The big campfire can cook faster two times than the standard one.
  • The bonfire will do that 3x faster than the typical one.
  • Drops in ARK: Survival Evolved ps4 game will be upgraded so as to clear non-primitive engrams and offer other P+ objects.
  • Enhanced the wood crafting speed
  • Changed the name of Rowboat into Dinghy
  • Increased the hidden harvest rates for the hunting knife
  • Moderately advanced the lightning radius for the candle
  • Adjusted the damage and health settings for the steel safe, it will be more vulnerable to explosive damage – choose the steel locker to defend more effectively
  • Plant model of ARK game has been already updated.
  • Jellyfish biotoxin can be selected as an alternate material for crafting Cure Low


Since 1.5 (Primitive Plus) update, you will not have the chance to experience following troubles when you enjoy ARK: Survival Evolved game anymore.

Part 1:

  • Honey Loaf will be created in baker’s oven. So, you can put the honey in your inventory.
  • Custom recipes will be cooked in a large metal pot.
  • Flaming Arrows will be lit when they are in bows. They can apply the fire damage to the target.
  • Fixed the bug of the texture on the lumber wall model
  • Fixed the problem with animal fat not turning to the oil in campfires
  • Fixed the matter with the firewood consumption in the big campfire
  • Bonfire and Grill can cook lamb chops.
  • Fixed custom consumables like poultry or ribs along with custom resources, for instance, feathers
  • Set right the machete resource collect rates for the feathers/hide
  • Altered the lumber snap points
  • You can pick up the lumber workshop.
  • You can cook the mutton in every building that it is allowed.
  • The ground cashew will not ask a waterskin.
  • Put right the categorization of timber construction.
  • Fixed the bug with the sugar cane being not visible after you harvested them
  • Reset the collision on pointed fences
  • The fireplace can pick firewood in an accurate way.
  • Beavers in ARK: Survival Evolved PC can craft Primitive+ items.
  • The lumber door will be able to be crafted in the inventory
  • Meanwhile, the lumber glass engrams will be given corrected icons.
  • Fixed a bug in which consuming beer would cause a crash
  • Cauldron engrams have been just modernized so they can comprise cooking kibbles.
  • The cooking pot can opt for the firewood as the fuel.
  • Repaired rotation placement on locations like the Simple Bed, Smithy, Tudor Bar, Oil Tank, Advanced Workshop, Construction Table, and Lumber Table
  • Besides, updated icons for items such as Smithy, Simple Bed, Pitchfork, lumber glass structures, and Smokehouse
  • Fixed descriptions and titles on a lot of objects: Pitchfork, Advanced Workshop, Lumber Glass Wall, Lumber Station, Lumber Window Frame, Lumber Glass Ceiling, Lumber Bench, Sloped Lumber Glass Wall Left and Right, Sloped Lumber Wall Left, Miners Box, Tudor Bar, and Lumber Foundation
  • Fixed many categories or folders for the Fishing Rod, Trap Bait, and Fish Bait
  • Fixed the placement resource for Fish Trap and Miners Box
  • Fixed the issue of the character who was offset when controlling the rowboat
  • Fixed the matter of harvesting for Giga while gathering Primitive+ consumables
  • Fixed placement/snap location for the Wooden Handrail

Part 2:

You can find other details in the current fix section of ARK: Survival Evolved game. They are:

  • Overhauled the engram level requirements for most of the items
  • It is possible to set the iron ingots inside for the forge.
  • Fixed the bug that happened to the ceiling lamp when it could not show up on the Construction Table
  • Fixed curing of the bacon in the Preserving Campfire
  • Fixed the issue of the fabricator canteen request
  • Updated the snap of chain on the water well
  • Corrected the sound of footsteps on the timber floor
  • Fixed the third-person model for the obsidian spear
  • Fixed the problem for the crafting of specific ARK artifacts in the handmill
  • Fixed unavailable seed reaping for Barley
  • Fixed missing the grape planet model when they were completely grown
  • Fixed losing tomato plant one when they got bigger
  • Fixed the bug when the bonemeal would not be located in crop plots
  • Took away the old cooked versions of consumables
  • Removed the inventory for the gunpowder barrel
  • Fixed placement/snap point for the steel railing
  • The wheat beer and beer are used to domesticate Chalico.
  • Tranq Arrows and Obsidian Arrows in ARK: Survival Evolved ps4 game will receive the right model shown if deploying in the Longbow or the Recurve Bow.
  • Eliminated the extra lumber gate engram in the Construction Table
  • Upgraded the modern Hanging Shelf position
  • The Fresh Rice will convert to the Dry Rice in the preserving campfire in the proper method.
  • Fixe the resource requirement for Cooked Rice and for Lumber Glass Wall
  • Fixed the trouble with the health on the buildings
  • You can see through glass on lumber structures more.
  • Focuses the mesh location on custom grown crops
  • Decreased the size of the lettuce model
  • Fixed the destructible mesh for the Simple Bed
  • Fixed the inventory crafting for the ceiling lamp
  • Eventually, fixed the texture on the deadfall trap when the Compy or the Compsognathus is captured

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