ARK Primitive Plus Update 1.4

ARK Primitive Plus Update 1.4

- in ARK Primitive Plus, Patch Notes

ARK PC Patch Notes: 1.4 (Primitive Plus)

It is a version for ARK: Survival Evolved game. It contains additions, fixes, and much more useful information.


  • Added hypothetical permanent adjustments for saddles of Tuso, Therizino, PachyRhino, Megla, and Kapro
  • Added the Camera engram
  • Have other meshes for the brick/concrete tier
  • Added more salt to make leather

ARK Primitive Plus 1.4


There are a lot of improvements in ARK: Survival Evolved PC game. They are:

  • Re-based from the latest content consisting of non-item related updates like balance changes and bug fixes
  • Enhanced the Workbench – 25% reduction on every crafted engram
  • You can set down or pick up the tent-like structure named Yurt. You can place other buildings, too.
  • Recurve Bow will significantly increase the damage for all arrows and reduce shake when you aim. Slightly faster arrows
  • For Lumber, everything that you build will not be influenced. You will get a pickup option for the old construction. Upon collecting them, they will switch for other versions with upgraded snap points. When putting down something, remember that you cannot gather up.
  • For Brick/Concrete, they are same as above but concrete floors which cannot be brought up since the snap points are not changed.
  • Aside from that, you should improve your spawn codes to the new constructing items.
  • Notes! The former objects in ARK: Survival Evolved ps4 game can be taken away in the next patch in order to preserve space in the mod. Make sure you can replace by that stage!
  • There are more forms for the Lumber Tier: Glass Window, Glass Window frame, and Glass Doorframe
  • Modified loot crate drops, they should be made better and provided the newest Primitive+ content
  • Balanced again custom arrows
  • Reset the engram list in the ascending order
  • Replaced/Advanced Lumber and Brick Icons
  • Rebalanced the longbow to prepare for the addition of the recurve bow
  • Increased the spoiling time for the Fish Trap, Malt, Sugar
  • Fish Trap in ARK: Survival Evolved Xbox one game can leave prime fish meat (15%)
  • Doubled the stack size for grapes
  • Boosted the craft time for beer
  • Improved the quantity of the honey which is manufactured by bees
  • Uplifted the rate of bee spawns
  • Reduced the spoiling time of bread
  • Deleted double spoiling for cooked poultry
  • Encouraged the stack size of the cabbage
  • Lowered the craft time for the cement
  • Bonemeal in ARK: Survival Evolved game has been the best fertilizer until now.
  • The stamina consumption is increased when wielding Viking ax.
  • Changed damage multipliers for weapons
  • Tame Chalico with Prim+ beer


Finally, you do not ignore the last section of the Primitive Plus Update 1.4 for ARK: Survival Evolved game.

  • Fixed the snap points
  • Fixed bugs with dinosaur spawns
  • Fixed the functionality in the Fish Trap
  • Fixed the destructible mesh for the modular table

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