ARK Primitive Plus Update 1.3

ARK Primitive Plus Update 1.3

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ARK PC Patch Notes: 1.3 (Primitive Plus)

It is one of the patch notes in the Primitive Plus for ARK: Survival Evolved game. Not only that, it was released for Xbox on October 12, 2016, in 743.0 and for PC on October 22, 2016, in 248.4. It has a long list of the explanation related to changes inside your favorite adventure.

ARK Primitive Plus 1.3

  • Firstly, the Obsidian pickaxe harvest rates have been increased.
  • Added the Lumber Gate and Brick gate icons
  • Adjusted the fishing lootables in order to get rid of non-primitive artifacts
  • Fixed the apiary bee duplication and improved the collect rates of drone with queen bees
  • Balanced the melee weapons – many of them are reset for damage
  • Taming balance pass – fishes, poultry, ribs, and bacon no are put in a steady position
  • Decreased the weight of the dry rice
  • The ground cashew engram will not be duplicated when in the handmill, a simple stone device.
  • You can set down the brick and the lumber gateways in the world of ARK: Survival Evolved pc game.
  • Additionally, you are able to craft the Allo kibble in a cooking pot or in a cauldron.
  • You can consume the cashew milk.
  • Many items will not work as a feeding trough, for example, cabinets, miner boxes, or traps, and so on.
  • Upgraded the fermenting barrel description, it will give you much more information
  • Custom arrow balance, all of them will own special damage dissimilarities, they can be chosen on core ARK equipment like bow and crossbow
  • The water tower snap point is made better to act in a more reasonable spot.
  • The collision for the cement ramps is enhanced so there will not be more crouching through the entrance to a room.
  • Added more damage done whilst controlling the longbow
  • Re-added rolling pin texture on the cooking station in ARK: Survival Evolved ps4 game
  • Aside from that, you can cook the poultry like chickens with various methods: campfire, grill, etc.
  • The clay from primitive + will not change into the one from the scorched earth.
  • Advanced the timber ceiling placement and snap points
  • Fixed the bug of repairing when picking the grindstone
  • Fixed the crafting ability’s bug while utilizing the grindstone
  • Put right the destructible mesh for the stone fences, the smokehouse, and the pontoon bridge
  • Custom consumables will grant HP replenishment like standard ARK: Survival Evolved ones.
  • Fences have been renamed.
  • Smokehouse naming is improved, too.
  • The wine will not be labeled as the beer in the radial menu.
  • Rectified spelling mistakes in the cement mixer
  • The water tower description is more understandable.
  • Furthermore, the icon for the fishing traps is added and set right.
  • Lowered the cigarette crafting time to 5 seconds
  • Replaced the cigarette consumption with the non-eating sound
  • Ameliorated the Tudor (L Bar) collision
  • The Tudor bar naming is appropriate in views.
  • Troubles with the limestone in ARK: Survival Evolved PC have been solved. So, lumber buildings will not require the limestone or the limestone will be realized in available crafting script.
  • Gunpowder barrels and the engram will not pop up on relog.
  • Finally, the canteen engram remains will be gained after relog.

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