Ark PC Patch Notes 280.122

Ark PC Patch Notes 280.122

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ARK PC Version 280.122

Patch Notes 280.122

According to the 280.122 patch, you will not experience these following problems and you can seize many exciting opportunities during your journey. They include:

    • Added the following admin commands such as DestroyTribeId, DestroyTribeIdDinos, DestroyTribeIdPlayers, DestroyTribeIdStructures, and TPCoords
    • Fixed the client softlock while teleporting to somebody with the tek equipment
    • Fixed the server crash involved in moving passengers
    • Small Tribe: They can be only merged into another clan if they find out an available empty slot.
  • Updated Bionic dinos in order to spawn unfertilized bionic eggs
  • Added wyvern bone costume to the Arkaeology event cookpot

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