Ark Creatures: Arthropluera

Ark Creatures: Arthropluera

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Time to meet another creature in ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile and it’s called the Arthropluera (ar-thro-plur-ah). This is also a hostile creature that survivors need to be careful when coming across it.


Basic Info


The dossier is planned to be a right copy of what has been written by the survivor Helena. There are probably several discrepancies between this text and the in-game creatures.


The fact that this creature exists is enough to give me nightmares. Like the island’s other Arthropods, Arthropluera Felsanguis has become much larger than I might have believed possible. It’s a very aggressive hunter, but prefers to eat meat after it has rotted for some time, and will voraciously seek out such delicacies.

Known Information

Arthropleura’s blood has a very low pH, to the point that it can dissolve many materials. This acidic blood splashes back on anything that directly attacks it, weakening the durability of weapons and hurting attackers. Many creatures thusly refuse to prey on Arthropleura, fearing this unique defense. If that wasn’t enough, Arthropleura also keeps a small reservoir of blood ready to spit at its prey.


Like most of the arthropods on the island, Arthropleura is simple minded and relatively easy to tame. It is an almost entirely military mount, useful mostly for attacking at a distance. Thanks to its unique defenses, whether hunting or warring, Arthropleura is generally safe from all but the largest of creatures.

~ Helena


Survivors can domesticate Arthropluera with rotten meat and if wild will assault with acid spit (just only 1 acid spit after melee bite). You need to be very careful when bumping into this creature. It can totally attack you with its acid even when it has turned around.


The Arthropluera felsanguis is regarded as of the most dangerous and nightmarish native invertebrates on the island. It’s a hostile predator that can be much longer than three men tall. It lives in the deeper caves of the island, consuming bats and other invertebrates. Their greenish blood possesses an uncommonly low pH. Another characteristic is that by self-breaking delicate vessels in its head, this creature is able to utilize as a rather frightful defense mechanism.

Color Scheme and Regions

In this part, you will see the natural colors and regions of the Arthropluera. You can see the red regions below on an albino Arthropluera. The colored squares displayed below every single description of the region are known as the colors that this creature will spawn with at random so as to give a general range of its natural color scheme. You can move your cursor over a color to see the name and ID.

This region information can be used by the server admins in the Console Command “cheat SetTargetDinoColor ”.

For instance, “cheat SetTargetDinoColor 0 6” would be used to color the body magenta of Arthropluera.


Base Stats and Growth

Note that creatures will possess discrepant stats in Survival of the Fittest

Basic Stats

Basic Stats
Attribute Amount at Level 1 Increase per point Taming Bonus
Wild Domesticated1 Add Mult
Health.png Health 500 +100 +5.4% 0.07
Stamina.png Stamina 200 +20 +10%
Oxygen.png Oxygen N/A5 N/A N/A
Food.png Food 1200 +120 +10%
Weight.png Weight 100 +2 +4%
Melee Damage.png Melee Damage 182 +0.9 +1.7% 7% 17.6%
Movement Speed.png Movement Speed 100% N/A3 +1% 20%
Torpidity.png Torpidity 175 +10.5 N/A4 0.5

1- Percentages are built on the value of the stat when the creature was domesticated (after taming effectiveness).

2-The absolute Base Damage is displayed here rather than the percentage.

3-The movement speed of the wild creatures isn’t leveled up.

4-Torpidity grows every level on untamed creatures. However, it’s unable to be developed once they are domesticated.

Movement Speed

Movement Speed
Movement Type Base Speed Sprinting Stamina Used
Wild Domesticated
Walking 225 486 394.875 6
Swimming 400 N/A N/A N/A

Attack Effects

Attack Effects
Attack Type Effect Description
Main Attack Tranquilized.png Tranquilized The target’s Torpidity.png Torpor will increase by 3x the damage dealt over 10 seconds.
Alt Attack Acid Rain.png Acid Damage from this attack reduces the durability of the target’s armor at 35x the normal rate.

Attack Values

Attack Values
Melee Stamina Cost Attack Range Description
Base Minimum Activation Using the Left Mousebutton (PC), R2 Button (PS4), RT Button (Xbox One), the Arthropluera lunges at and bites the target. The target’s Torpidity.png Torpor will increase by 3x the damage dealt over 10 seconds.
0 350 0 600
Attack Type Damage Projectile Values Torpor Values Status Effect: Stamina Status Effect: Torpidity
Life Impulse Radius Base Mult Duration Damage Mult Amount Duration Damage Mult Amount
Melee 18
Ranged Stamina Cost Attack Range Description
Base Minimum Activation Using the Right Mousebutton (PC), L2 Button (PS4), LT Button (Xbox One), the Arthropluera spits its own acidic blood at the target. Its blood is highly-corrosive and reduces the durability of the target’s armor at 35x the normal rate.
20 1800 0 2500
Attack Type Damage Projectile Values Torpor Values Status Effect: Stamina Status Effect: Torpidity
Life Impulse Radius Base Mult Duration Damage Mult Amount Duration Damage Mult Amount
Projectile Impact 30 10
Explosion 30 10 100

Wild Stats Level-up

If you want to check on which stats the creature is emphasized, you need to type in values of that wild creature. Normally, the green levels on a creature at a high level are kind of great for breeding. If you have already domesticated your creature, you should try to regain the breeding-stats with an external tool.

Stat Value Levelups
Health 0
Stamina 0
Food 0
Weight 0
Melee Damage [%] 0
Speed [%] 100 ~0

Bear in mind that after you have tamed the creature, it will receive some bonuses on some stats relying on the taming effectiveness. This will cause it to be difficult to recover the levels on a domesticated creature. Therefore, you only use this tool for the untamed ones. However, it brings you a first impression, how well the stats are given out.


Arthropluera.png Level 1 Feeding Interval Time
Broth of Enlightenment.png Broth of Enlightenment 1 00:00 0:00:41
Spoiled Meat.png Spoiled Meat 10 01:51 0:16:41
Raw Meat.png Raw Meat 65 00:30 0:32:31
Raw Fish Meat.png Raw Fish Meat 161 00:15 0:40:16
Arthropluera.png Level 30 Feeding Interval Time
Broth of Enlightenment.png Broth of Enlightenment 2 01:21 0:01:21
Spoiled Meat.png Spoiled Meat 17 01:46 0:28:21
Raw Meat.png Raw Meat 110 00:30 0:55:01
Raw Fish Meat.png Raw Fish Meat 274 00:15 1:08:31
Arthropluera.png Level 60 Feeding Interval Time
Broth of Enlightenment.png Broth of Enlightenment 2 01:21 0:01:21
Spoiled Meat.png Spoiled Meat 24 01:44 0:40:01
Raw Meat.png Raw Meat 157 00:30 1:18:31
Raw Fish Meat.png Raw Fish Meat 391 00:15 1:37:46
Arthropluera.png Level 90 Feeding Interval Time
Broth of Enlightenment.png Broth of Enlightenment 3 01:00 0:02:01
Spoiled Meat.png Spoiled Meat 31 01:43 0:51:41
Raw Meat.png Raw Meat 204 00:30 1:42:01
Raw Fish Meat.png Raw Fish Meat 508 00:15 2:07:01
Arthropluera.png Level 120 Feeding Interval Time
Broth of Enlightenment.png Broth of Enlightenment 3 01:00 0:02:01
Spoiled Meat.png Spoiled Meat 38 01:42 1:03:21
Raw Meat.png Raw Meat 250 00:30 2:05:01
Raw Fish Meat.png Raw Fish Meat 625 00:15 2:36:16
Arthropluera.png Level 150 Feeding Interval Time
Broth of Enlightenment.png Broth of Enlightenment 3 01:00 0:02:01
Spoiled Meat.png Spoiled Meat 45 01:42 1:15:01
Raw Meat.png Raw Meat 297 00:30 2:28:31
Raw Fish Meat.png Raw Fish Meat 743 00:15 3:05:46

Bear in mind that the values are just only for optimal cases, always carry the additional supplies.

You can try an external taming calculator  to get a level-dependent count of resources required.

Preferred Food

 Taming Strategy

Arthropluera can be domesticated in a non-brutal way, instead of using the tranquilizers. Because it’s a naturally hostile creature, you have to use Bug Repellant to stop it from assaulting you on sight. You can’t domesticate it if it keeps assaulting another creature or eating on a corpse, therefore, you must get rid of any disturbances from the area, or tempt it to an area that is more secluded.

After you have utilized the repellent and coped with the distractions, put the food you want to give it in the right-most slot of your hotbar. After that, you get closer to it carefully until the button prompt to feed it turns up on the screen. This will make it consume the food you give and then you will see a taming bar. Wait until it gets started enough to be fed again, keep doing this until you completely tame it.

It won’t be easy to do this in an appropriate way since the Arthro keeps making a move in an unsure pattern.

If you accidentally approach it too close and touch it, of course, it will get hostile and start assaulting you, even though you already applied the repellant. You should move far away enough so it won’t focus on you if you want to carry on taming it. But if you move far away from it for too long, and you don’t utilize broth of enlightenment to domesticate it, the taming bar will move down faster than you can give it food, which causes it to be impossible to tame. Watch out for its spit attack when getting away, as it will dish out critical damage to your armor if it hits you.

On The Center, one is able to fly and ride an Argentavis or bigger down into the entrance of the East Lava Cave and bring an Arthro back out in just a bit. Make sure you elude assaulting it while carrying, because of the melee rebound damage, however.

Trapping or Premeditated Taming

There are some players who want to get the best possible outcome without any risks of danger to the taming process:

Trapping the Arthro is not easy at all as it breaks through most structures very well. Using the passive taming way with the bug repellent and ghillie armor can be the best approach that you should use when joining an official PVE server. But, most of the people will probably domesticate one on an official PVP server because of its handy acid and jaw damage.

Using a megalosaurus with bug repellent and ghillie then approaching to grab can be another awesome way to tame it on both PVE and PVP servers. The Arthro shouldn’t get aggressive provided that you don’t touch it. You are totally able to bring it outside and ask a tribemate to pick you up on a Quetz then fly you to a location that is more secure. Another way is that you can take it there while in the Megalosaurus’ mouth.

If you want to domesticate the Arthropluera, just get ready for the speed and speed in which you have to do this. Start positioning 4 fence posts around it while you are wearing a ghillie or using a bug repellent, by doing this, you can totally trap it. When this happens, the creature won’t get hostile provided that you keep a good distance away from it. You are able to catch it in a big bear trap, but, this can be buggy and will turn right after you have trapped it in the structure. Just get away from the cave, wait a bit until it pacifies. Then, you return to it anytime to find that it’s staying there and getting ready to be tamed. This time, you won’t have to be scared of stepping over it and irritating it.


In this part, you will learn about how to compete against the Arthropluera


Arthro turns up in caves, therefore, you will be safe if you wander above the ground. But, in the caves, these creatures are very dangerous. Melee weaponry and armor simply disappear in any combat with the creature because of its corrosive and acidic blood.


If you don’t want to lose the armor and melee weapons, you should stay away from it, but you need to remember that it is still able to shoot acidic projectiles. You need to be watchful for it all the times when you’re in the battle because the cave ecosystems usually contain other dangers. There is a dangerous fighting method, which is to keep backing away while utilizing a ranged weapon that won’t destroy you. Jump back when you notice that the creature is about the bite, then quickly jump to the side to elude its spit assaults. If you are able to move fast, you will totally elude its assaults easily.


You are highly recommended to utilize ranged weapons to elude the weapon and health damage caused by melee assaults. Melee should only be utilized as the final resort. You can use a compound bow to easily destroy lower levels using just 3-4 headshots.


If you melee assaults against the Arthro, it will strongly decrease the durability of the weapon and deal damage to you. You will probably get stripped off your armor due to just one well-aimed shot from the creature. You should ensure to notice them in advance, so they won’t get the first hit in. You may also get hit by their spits while you’re riding a mount and your armor will be still broken. The spit dishes out a good bit damage without armor on.

As of version v280.130, Arthro is able to deal damage to any form of structures. Thanks to this, it becomes a very dangerous creature spawning close to the base because it will instantly try to smash through the walls of the structures. Also, it’s a terrible idea to utilize structure as a wall just to destroy it.


The creature possesses a fairly big and long body, therefore, you are able to spot and fire one without much effort.

The creature has a 2.5x headshot multiplier. 5x explosive multipliers also have an effect on them.

It ceases to spit and bite, which gives you a few seconds of grace.

It has a large turn radius for a moment, you need to prepare yourself once its aim snaps back on you.



Combat Annoyance: Thanks to the ability of Arthropluera to wear away and destroy the enemy armor, it becomes a nightmare to your opponents, especially if the rivals depend on their armor to stay alive. (Level up speed, stamina, and health).

Base defender: Throughout the attack, Arthro is able to hold back unmounted raiders before they start planting deadly explosives. With the armor eating away the acid against the unmounted players, the creature will take on the vital role in raid defense. (Level up melee damage and movement speed).

Base Destroyer: As of version v280.130 on PC, Arthroplueras are able to dish out damage to metal, stone and even Tek structures with their melee assault. While they are weak against the rival defenses together with this similar patch (5x more damage soaked from explosives and 3x more damage soaked from ranged assaults), they can be an original method to defeat advanced bases after the enemy turrets have been demolished.

Damage Test on Official Server with an Arthropluera at level 225 with 455% Melee damage. Just utilizing the left click melee assault.

Thatch Foundation: Demolished in just one hit, ? at 100% melee. ? x regular damage (untested at base damage).

Wood Foundation: 1,125 damage, 247 at 100% melee. 13.72 x regular damage.

Stone Foundation: 574 damage, 126 at 100% melee. 7 x regular damage.

Metal Foundation: 282 damage, 62 at 100% melee. 3.44 x regular damage.

Tek Foundation: 113 damage, 25 at 100% melee. 1.39 x regular damage.


Resource Efficiency
Raw Meat.png Raw Meat ★★☆☆☆



To get more information regarding the real-world Arthropluera, just click here

According to the dossier, Arthropluera is listed as a creature from the Permian period, but in fact, it was from the Late Carboniferous.

Arthropluera domesticated in the Lower South Cave can’t exist because of the unsighted wall at the entrance/exit. If you want to domesticate one to bring back with you, just go find another one elsewhere.

The dossier was exposed on 9/11/15 on Steam.

In real life, this creature consumed spoiled planet matter rather than spoiled meat. It also existed in the Late Carboniferous and the Early Permian.

The Dossier misspells Arthropluera as Arthropluera, and this can be a typo by the author.

The Dossier states that Arthropluera is “…An almost entirely military mount…”. However, right beside the icon representing it as being rideable, you can see some question marks which can be regarded as the query of the writers as to whether or not the creature can be saddled, not necessarily the ability of the one being ridden.

Argentavis can pick up an Arthropluera, so you are able to tempt it outside the caves and bring it to a more secure area. It doesn’t make a move most of the time while being tamed, just like the Dung Beetle, however, it will move sometimes. To stop it from making a move, place it in a box that was made of dino doors with 4 wood floors.

It can be a great idea for you to carry a saddle within the cave after you have noticed the Arthropleura you want to domesticate. By doing this, you can get them stuck if you set them on follow.

The Arthropluera is capable of breathing underwater.

One of the only two tameable creatures being able to destroy TEK structures.

In addition, seemingly, they dish out damage back like the kentros when bitten with other dinosaurs.


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