How to tame MicroRaptor

How to tame MicroRaptor

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Here comes another new dinosaur that has just been introduced in ARK Survival Evolved through the latest patch notes! Say hi to Microraptor and take a chance to find out some useful tips to domesticate it! You will know where to find these creatures when wandering around the island. For your information, this creature has been released in the version 751 on Xbox One, version 255 on OC, and version 505 on PS4.

How to tame Microraptor in ARK Survival Evolved

MicroCraptor Gnarilongus is known as one of the smallest non-avian creatures living on this island. It has an amazing speed which makes up for the shortage of aerodynamics. When you are trying to chase it down, you will surely notice that the creature is getting extremely hostile. It will assault any intimidating things getting closer to it. But, it will use other strategies to attack someone, knock them down before making an escape.

Microcraptors are believed to become more anxious or sometimes somewhat timid, but still, you shouldn’t make an effort to assault it or even take over one, especially when you are not strong enough or when you are at risk. If you accidentally confront with one, you need to find a secure place first, head to that location, then start utilizing the bola and pelt to stun it. But, you should keep in mind that the MicroRaptor will be able to deal out some damage to you even if you use Bola. Stay watchful for this!

Let’s take a look at two following charts that display all important things you must learn if you are trying to domesticate this creature. The initial chart includes some taming tips from level 1 to level 30, while the second one contains taming tips from level 60 to level 90.

How to tame MicroRaptor

How to tame MicroRaptor

These small raptors are found in Redwood Forest, Western Plains, Southern Islets, as well as the Smuggler’s Pass. There is a high possibility of spawning these creatures at those locations, except for the Smuggler’s Pass that has a small possibility for them to spawn.

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