The Hit Boxes Should Be Mended in ARK Survival Evolved Game

The Hit Boxes Should Be Mended in ARK Survival Evolved Game

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There is no denial that ARK Survival Evolved game produced by Studio Wildcard is a popular game that always attracts the players who love survival adventures. The most outstanding point of the game that keeps these people hooked when playing could be the variety of kinds of dinosaurs, giving these survivors more chances to tame the wild creatures. However, ARK Survival Evolved is an incomplete game, and it’s still in a development stage for now, with more and more good features added to the game frequently. For that reason, it’s inevitable to experience some bugs when you wander around the open world in the game, and the Hit Boxes are typically an example that keeps disappointing the players, which makes them always longing for a repair.The Hit Boxes Should Be Mended in ARK Survival Evolved Game

Some players over the community sites are recommending that Hit Boxes in ARK GAME should be fixed

This is totally true! Lots of players have been experiencing the malfunctioned Hit Boxes while playing the game, which could drive them insane and irritated sometimes. Some remark that fixing the Hit Boxes will be completely great for the players and the dinosaurs.

For example, you can totally notice that a T-Rex is adapting itself into a usual dinosaur gate, or several Ankylosaurus have a tendency to absorb some large damage from the arrows that didn’t land in the initial place. These are just typical examples for wanting the Studio Wildcard to fix the issues. The Hot Boxes should be adjusted and changed a bit in order to comply with the dinosaurs’ size. Doing so will surely bring the extreme upgrades to the game standard. In addition to this, there are other players suggesting that the development team should do something to the body proportions, like fixing the size or something like that. That sounds so humorous a bit, but that’s what they are experiencing in the game. Some of them are struggling a rough time since it can be utilized for clogging up the head of the Hit Box.

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