Evolution Event: Cross ARK Transfers & More!

Evolution Event: Cross ARK Transfers & More!

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Evolution Event: Cross ARK Transfers & More!

Hi, all survivors! Are you ready to check out a bunch of great updates and wonderful news about Survival Evolved game? There are plenty of things that are really crucial to know if you’re willing to conquer further challenges in the game.

There have been so many cool topics discussed by the gamers in the community recently, and the development team still hasn’t given out their official answers to those topics because they wanted to have a careful look at their several options before giving their answers. As you know, ARK Survival Evolved was already released into Early Access and it’s still getting upgraded day by day. The team development needs to take some time to make their decisions, so every feedback sent by the players will be very meaningful and important to all staff. Now, all players can check out some thoughts and several big announcements given out by the development team. And hopefully, these thoughts will get you excited for some upcoming plans for ARK game.

Evolution Event: Cross ARK Transfers!

Evolution Event: Cross ARK Transfers & More!

There are some amazing stuff that were already activated by the development team on last Friday 18th, November 2016, at 12 PM ET, as follows:

  • 2x Harvesting Rates
  • 2x Taming Rates
  • 2x EXP Rates

This will be valid until Monday 21st, November 2016 at 12 PM ET

In addition to this, there is a new everlasting alteration that is also launched in CrossARK Clusters, including the absolute transfer of items, domestications and survivors throughout all maps on the official ARK Network (divided by game mode).

Also, you should keep in mind that this won’t have an effect on the Player Dedicated Servers. This is an Official Server alteration.

You could only move Survivors to Scorched Earth servers, and other things from a Scorched Earth server before. But now, that won’t be a problem anymore because you can totally get some amazing allowances to move stuff from this island to another island, center to center, Scorched Earth to Scorched Earth, or from this location to another one and vice versa. You are able to do that without worrying about any restrictions. But you have to keep in mind that these shifts will be still depended on the cluster (mode) you’re on. PvE will be able to move to PvE, Hardcore will be able to shift to Hardcore, and Primitive will be able to transfer to Primitive and so on.

When the ARK Transfer system was first made public along with the introduction of Scorched Earth, the development team announced that it was a certain thing that was very crucial and they wanted to test it in Early Access just to find out the way that the game would proceed after they launched the brand new gameplay mechanic to all players. After all what feedbacks sent to the staff, the whole development team decided to permit more freedom instead of saddling the players with more restricts.

There is a brand new gameplay mechanic that is going to be launched besides this alteration:

A Tame will put up with a cooldown that lasts up to 12 hours until it can be shifted once again after being uploaded and downloaded on ARK. The shifted domestications will exhibit on the HUD from the server that they were uploaded from at the last time. (You can only catch sight of this indicator when the tame is expired of you’re on a discrepant Tribe)

The tribes will get a chance to spy each other throughout ARK, like the tribes from attacking in or attacking out instantly with their domestications. After the finished CrossARK transfers has been activated, it will bring an opportunity to some survivors so that they can spy or look out new servers of the similar type, come across with new friends, or they can get more chances or more quests, more adventures.

Probably, these new stuff above couldn’t be all things that players are into, but the development team wants to find out how things work, regardless of if it was the right move or not. They are considering to launching more restrictions on what can be shifted, like only Baby Tames, or Eggs that can be moved. Probably, Scorched Earth moves to Scorched Earth base or raw substances will be restricted.

With all big changes, we understand that this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. I’m sure I’ve said that before, though keep in mind these changes may not be final. We want to see how things play out, whether this was the right move, how we can further improve the

Attitude towards Exploiting

Of course, everyone already knows that cheaters are hated, and none of us likes cheaters, right? ARK Survival Evolved always tries to assure that it will bring a just place for all players to enjoy and play with each other. That’s why a BattlEye system for the game was launched in the game, and now it’s still getting some updates and the development team is trying to work on it more to make sure that they can get rid of all cheats.

The development team doesn’t consider that it would be preposterous to indicate that they have been merciful when doing some stuff against the players who are making use of some game bugs. The bugs have happened because of some minor mistakes of the staff, and now they are trying to do their best to repair and solve them. That’s what they don’t discipline some survivors in this situation and trying to make some alterations which will bring all advantages to the whole community. Furthermore, there will be some stricter actions done by the development team on the making use of game bugs. If there is any survivor who has mean intention, the development team will do something, and it could be demolishing his tribe, other domestications, all building, structures, and if necessary, they will get rid of him from the game, and attaching him to the ban list as well as demanding a VAC ban.

Primitive Servers

According to what the community demanded, the development team made a decision on launching Primitive Servers onto the game, even though this kind of stuff was not a section of the game plan but if the survivors wanted to explore, then surely they would! Sometimes, when there are any updates launched in the game, and that could have an effect on Primitive in a bad way, probably this could be because the specific game mode is not totally arranged to handle the big alterations of the game. There will be some new adaptations that are going to be made by the development team just to make sure that they can reduce some current issues.

The strength of some specific Scorched Earth dinos has been a big issue. You can turn back on the time when the Giga was launched in the game, there were some alterations made by the development team to decrease its damage on Primitive servers. It was kind of effective, so there will be the same approach:

  • Domesticated Wyverns will give out 70% less damage, but they will absorb 70% more damage
  • Domesticated Rock Golems will give out 70% less damage, and they will absorb 20x more damage.
  • Alpha Wyverns will give out 67% less damage, but also, they will absorb 67% more damage.

These alterations will be only performed on Primitive servers in an effective way. At the moment, other creatures, (except the Giga, Ptero, and Argent) will stay unaltered. All of you are highly recommended to experience Primitive+ for a finished and great Primitive experience. The new Primitive+ offers a lot of amazing updates!

To sum up, there have been a lot of alterations that the development team made, and possibly, not all the survivors could say yes to these changes, including Primitive, Cross ARK transfers, or a new approach to some exploiters. However, all the staff will watch over these changes day by day to check out how they work, and when necessary, they will make some further adaptations.

Below here is some great news for you to check out! You can find out a hot map of Dino Spawns that have occurred on an Official Server, which specifies brand new untamed spawn distance from tames and bases:

Evolution Event: Cross ARK Transfers & More!

  • Blue = Dino Spawns
  • Red = Buildings
  • Green = Tames

(The locations where it seems to overlap are called buried Cave spawns)

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