ARK Survival Evolved: About The Game

ARK Survival Evolved: About The Game

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ARK: Survival Evolved is a wonderful free online taking you to the world filled with exotic undiscovered things. Please have a look at the content about the game to fully comprehend before stepping into this world.

No matter who you are, a guy or a woman trapped on the shores of a mysterious island, you are supposed to do a variety of activities to maintain your surviving including hunting, collecting resources, crafting items, growing crops, research technologies and creating the shelters. Then, one more duty that you need to fulfill, try to kill or tame the dinosaurs or other creatures roaming the land. Besides, this game also gives you a chance to team up or make friends with other players from all over the world to survive, rule and flee!


Dinosaurs and creatures can be tamed when you take up challenge capture and affinity process. After being tamed, you totally take control your pet, but remember, it follows counting on how good your taming skills are, you can also equip your pet with the armor. Those creatures will increase the level, eat food and carry inventory and the prey. For the bigger pets, you can ride on it or direct it for certainty. There are a lot of things you could do with your lovely pets, fly it over the mountain, race through the jungle, trudge through the foe base along a giant brontosaurus or you can attend to the ecosystem life-cycle.


So, do you know what to do to survive? Well, eating and drinking are the crucial things you are supposed to fulfill. There are numerous discrepant kinds of plants and meat with different nutritional properties. The big problem is that whether you have enough fresh water to your home and the inventory or not. Whenever performing the physical actions, they always cost food and water. There will be some latent dangers for the long-travel distance. The inventory weight will make you move slower, the day or night cycle, the weather and the altering of the temperature will be your biggest challenge because they can make you hunger or thirsty fast. You need to know how to protect yourself. Just build up a shelter, craft your clothes or armors to fight against those disadvantages.


There are some basic ways for you to craft the parts to build up structures. You can cut down trees in the forests or mine the metal and the resources. The structures will consist of knotted parts such as beams, ramps, pillars, window, door, gates, water pipes and so on. If you couldn’t make your structures fully strong, they would be destroyed easily, then you need to boost your buildings once again. You can paint and set up the structures when making a home. Besides, the clothing, weapons, armor and other stuff can be painted following your own style


Moving on, we will find out the way to grow plants. First, you are supposed to gather seeds from the wild plants. Then, seed the in the plots, remember to water and take care of them with fertilizer. These seeds will grow and produce the fruits, you can use them to cook or make tonics. Don’t forget to discover other nice plant seeds that have strong properties.


The best way to capture the ARK’s creatures’ attention is to bring enough rare items when heading towards to summon areas. These giant abnormalities will give an end-game goal for the experienced gamers and their pet troops.


You are supposed to create a Tribe to add your friends to it. Those friends will can command and ally your pets. Tribe is capable of re-spawning at any of your home spawn points. You can also give a promotion to members to Tribe Admins to decrease the load of management.


The objects crafted from Blueprints usually have changeable statistics and qualities. They require the corresponding resources. You can increase the level of character by earning the experience, you can level your pets and learn new “Engrams” to craft objects without using blueprints.


Your crafting things will wear-out from elongate use if you don’t fix them. The character will remain sleeping once exciting game. Your items can be stolen easily, so you are supposed to build up, team up or have pets to guard to protect and keep your stuff secured. You can also defeat other players who are trying to use your items on purpose.


The ARK world is full of mysterious things and environments. Once stepping, you are supposed to figure out its secrets. Make an effort to find the exotic creatures and rare blueprints. You also need to find the Explorer Notes that are updated into the game dynamically and advance the in-game ARK-map through the discovery. You are able to craft a compass or GPS coordinates to explore with others together.


Don’t worry about your character, the things you created or even your pets when the game reaches over 100 player servers, all will stay in the game even when you exit. You are able to transfer your character and objects between the networks of ARK’s by accessing the Obelisks. You can even also upload or download the data from the Steam Economy.


You can enjoy the local single-player games and take the characters, the objects from single-player to multi-player mode back and forth. Mode the game will help and set up the Unreal Engine 4 editor with full Steam Workshop.


The real image of ARK creatures is used to express the life a highly-customized Unreal Engine 4 that has dynamic lighting, weather systems, true cloud simulation and the DirectX11, DeirectX12 that have latest rendering techniques.

To sum up, the ARK world is worth discovering after all! We hope this ARK guide will help you fully comprehend the game content as well as some useful tips for you before entering

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