ARK Hot Deal and New Stuff in Patch 254

ARK Hot Deal and New Stuff in Patch 254

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Are you excited to check out Patch 254 in ARK Survival Evolved? Surely there are so many interesting things for you to explore in this patch. Patch 254 mainly concentrates on releasing new structures, gameplays, armors, and several new dinosaurs that are tamable and trainable when the survivors are trying to beat the Ultimate Lifeform. In addition to this, the survivors can take a look at TEK Tier Phase 1, Hairstyles and Facial Hair, Jousting, or some new creatures, including Ovis, Baryonyx, Basilosaurus, and Purlovia. That sounds so amazing and awesome, right? Don’t miss any chances to check them out!

TEK Tier

Being known as a nice end-game technology, TEK Tier will be a great feature that shouldn’t be ignored. It’s considered as the technology tier in the crafting system and in this patch. Based on TEK, the survivors can totally check out some new features, and beautiful structures. In this update, you will explore the initial stage that consists of some items like TEK Replicator (for crafting), armor set, as well as TEK Transmitter that can be utilized for CrossARK System.

ARK Hot Deal and New Stuff in Patch 254

When a survivor destroys Bosses as well as gathers more Elements, the TEK Tier will begin to work and the survivor will be able to receive more developed skills once being placed in a power armor. Also, their preferred dinosaurs will receive strong TEK Saddles that have mounted energy weapons.

ARK Hot Deal and New Stuff in Patch 254

All of the capabilities of the players can be developed if they utilize the TEK Armor. They will have more skills and powers to battle and travel. There are so many extra features and structures that will be released soon. Also, it’s important to keep in mind that the game developers will attach some new technologies and structures to more tech-tiers during the expansion.

ARK Hot Deal and New Stuff in Patch 254

There is a new feature that surely gets lots of survivors curious. It’s already released and now the players can totally utilize it. When you are exploring the ARK world, your hair and facial hair will start rising gradually. With the scissors and if the player knows hairstyle, they will be capable of changing their look by cutting their hair, choosing a new style and much more. The options for hairstyles and facial hair will be released in the forthcoming time. So stick to the game and you will check out all one day.

ARK Hot Deal and New Stuff in Patch 254

New Dino Dossier in Patch 254!

This is going to be the exciting part in patch 254! ARK game features new dinosaurs and creatures for all survivors to tame and fight.

ARK Hot Deal and New Stuff in Patch 254

Ovis Dino Dossier

The first one will be Ovis Aries which is a farmyard animal. Some players totally believed that the flocks of Ovis were so helpful on a farm. Ovis Aries has dense wool, and you can utilize suitable tools to cut it. Some survivors usually kill them after taking care of them because they want to collect mutton to cook lamb chops. However, there are still other players that try to mount Ovis.

ARK Hot Deal and New Stuff in Patch 254

Basilosaurus Dino Dossier

Basilosaurus Solatiumfecit is known as one of the weirdest dinosaurs living on the island. Some survivors have claimed that it was such a strong swimmer and it totally suited to shallow water. If it’s close to the surface of the water, it will regenerate its health after being hurt very fast. Other predatory and aggressive creatures will always keep track of this creature because there are some fragments dropped by this creature after it absorbs and those pieces can be consumed by the predators. Due to its blubber that is very greasy, the players will tend to attempt to kill this creature to for producing oil.

Purlovia Dino Dossier

Purlovia Maxima is known as a carnivorous dinosaur and a forbearing hunter. Some tribes use it for putting on an ambush or as a guard of the village. If a survivor has a lot of groups of tamed Purlovia, he could be able to establish a minefield and willing to grab the prey or any opponents.

ARK Hot Deal and New Stuff in Patch 254

Baryonyx Dino Dossier

Baryonyx Aquafulgur is not as large as other predators. This creature is known as a quick swimmer that is fast enough to intimidate other dinosaurs around. If a survivor is interested in traversing water and land or using a certain creature that is fast and nimble, Baryonyx will be a great choice for him. With metabolism, Baryonyx probably can cure some wounds if it’s fed on some fish meat that has lots of nutrition.

ARK Hot Deal and New Stuff in Patch 254

A lance and a new skill for jousting will be released in this Patch 254. The player is able to get to the nearest arena and battle against other Survivors face to face. If you want to joust, you need to have a required amount of ability because the lance weight can be tough for the untalented riders to utilize and direct their mount. But if you practice enough, you can totally utilize this tool easily to defeat other enemies.

The patch 254 also fixes some bugs and includes some QOL changes ( change between chat channels and straightly dismount by using key TAB). For more details, you can visit the following link:

Upcoming Version: v255, ETA: February 20

The v255 will be coming up soon, and it surely includes new dinosaurs, structures, gameplay mechanic and much more:

New dinosaurs: Electrophorus, Microraptor, Ammonite, Thylacoleo

New Structure: Tek Power Generator, Tek Shield Generator, Tek Tileset & Tek Doors

New Mechanic: Tek Underwater Bases

ARK TEK Hot Deal!

ARK Survival Evolved is giving you hot deals on occasion of celebrating the introduction of TEK Tier Phase 1 and getting to a new achievement in the development of the game. Both main game and Scorched Earth are at nice discounts as shown below:

ARK: Survival Evolved – 67% off

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Please hurry up to purchase the games at the best discounts if you are interested in ARK Survival Evolved and want to explore this dinosaur world.

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