ARK Survival Evolved: Mesopithecus

ARK Survival Evolved: Mesopithecus

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ARK Survival Evolved: Mesopithecus
Common Name: Mesopithecus
Species: Mesopithecus amicufur
Time: Late Miocene Late Pliocene
Diet: Omnivore
Temperament: Curious
Tameable: Yes
Rideable: No (rides on the player)

Basic Info


  • Wild: Mesopithecus amicufur is an omnivorous monkey which lives in the jungles of the island mostly. It is more diminutive than a human being, but it can transfer at the same speed. It won’t be rampaging, but if you see several groups of Mesopithecus, they can be very annoying. Plus, they have a curious nature, which means they can loot anything and grab any items falling to the ground.
  • Domesticated: This is just a normal pet, you can feed them easily, because it will absorb anything, even though it like fruits more than meats. You can use it as a friendly companion because it is not capable of carrying anything heavier, it is not big enough for you to ride on, and you can’t send it into a fight. Nevertheless, it can be kind of proficient at notifying of the upcoming invaders with abundant amounts of thrown fecal matter.
  • Known Information: Different from other creatures on the island, Mesopithecus probably actively find the human beings for the interaction. They are extremely sociable and curious, but they sometimes toss their feces at human beings. There are several tribemates getting angry due to this.


The Mesopithecus can sit on your shoulder for travelling, they can scream to inform you that you are about to confront with the danger. When in a battle, they can toss feces at the foes.
You can find them strolling around the forests, beaches and the plains on the island. With just a little size and characteristic call, hearing them will be more easily than seeing them.


The M esopithecus is kind of diminutive and this creature can be hidden by several bushes of the island. They are just like modern monkeys, they have various colors, like orange, white, grey and black.


Base Stats and Growth

Attribute Amount at Level 1 Increase per point
Health.png Health 115.5 +31.2
Stamina.pngStamina 100.0 +10.0
Oxygen.pngOxygen 150.0 +15.0
Food.png Food 517.5 +51.8
Weight.png Weight 70.0 +2.8
Melee Damage.png Melee Damage  ? +28.0%
Movement Speed.pngMovement Speed 230.0 +5.8%
Torpor.png Torpor 60.5  ?


Mesopithecus is a non-violently creature that can be tamed. You just need to put the food you want to feed it in the right slot of the hotbar. Next, you will come close to Mesopithecus, tap key E to feed it when the button crops up. Please don’t try to get any closer for the prompt to turn up, or else the monkeys will be frightened and run away. Try to keep tracking it insight if it runs away. You probably will lose their sights due to its small size. So try your best! However, you should dodge chasing after it or it will keep running. Keep an eye on the health bar while taming, whenever the monkeys get startled, a small fraction of its health will be lost, if you scare it too many times, it will get doomed.

You should wait around 15 seconds between feedings, and then you can get close to it from behind, or when it stops for lessening the danger of moving into it accidentally. You can use an Argentavis or a Pteranodon for picking it up and putting it in a crate. However, the Mesopithecus might get startled forever because of this sometimes, and so, you can’t tame them anymore. Making it unconscious will reset this.

If you spend too much time between the feedings, the taming bar will reduce slowly. Hence, the Kibble will be more proficient, and you are permitted to make up for the lost progress while safeguarding against the predators or searching for the animal after it has escaped.


Door Opener

If thrown [E] into a base, the Mesopithecus can open doors from the inside if ordered to by using the “Whistle Attack THIS Target” command on the door.

Preferred Food

  1. 1-20 Kibble (Dodo Egg)
  2. 10-200 Mejoberries

These are just estimations; they always have additional supplies.
Preferred Food is the one for switching when the developers expressed that all the herbivores prefer Mejoberries temporarily.
Resources differ counting on the level of animal and your taming strategy.



• Was scheduled to release on 6/15/, but was postponed

• Tosses feces at you

• It will loot dropped items

• Was attached in update v204.0 (08/26/15)

• There is an error at the moment in which being punched, while being on your shoulder, will make it vanish.

• When you log out with the mesophithecus on your shoulder, you can make it de-spawn

• The dossier says that you can find it in jungles commonly, but it probably tends to be more usual when you find on the outskirts, in which the jungles encounter with a beach or open grassland.

• Different from a rider mounts a dinosaur, the Mesopithecus won’t attach any weight that is being carried by the player at present, which means the player can use it to transfer the additional materials that they wouldn’t be capable of carrying without being hindered, causing them to be helpful if the survivor is going out to collect the resources like metal from the mountains.

• Mesopithecus can collect a few berries, it they are near the bushes, or they also collect berries if set to stroll.

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