ARK Survival Evolved: Introducing the Giant Bee

ARK Survival Evolved: Introducing the Giant Bee

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Giant Bee


Common Name Giant Bee
Group Invertebrates
Species Apis lithohermaea
Time Middle Miocene
Diet Floravore
Temperament Territorial
PC Release Date Not Yet Released
Tameable Yes

Giant Bee is a new creature that has just been launched in ARK Survival Evolved game! It belongs to species Apis Lithohermaea and turned up throughout the Middle Miocene age. This is a territorial creature that utilizes floravore as its main diet. Since it has just come out, there is not much information about this one besides the basic details as mentioned below. Let’s check it out now! More updates will come soon!

Basic Info


Wild: Apis Lithohermaea Drones will never wander off far away from their nests while being in the wild. They usually make their nests high, mostly on the Redwood trees of the island or on some cliffsides filled with rocks. You can sometimes catch sight of this creature swarming around their nest. For staring at the Queen Apis, one must break the nest itself, which is considered as a hard mission because these wild creatures are so territorial. You must be aware of the stings of Apis because it will strongly debilitate any creatures, also, Apis is able to sting many times!

Domesticated: After being domesticated, some new drone eggs will be laid by Apis Queen. Then, it will build up a nest for the players to harvest a lot of honey, provided that they out on the specific bee-keeping gear. If honey is laced with nice scents, most of the land mammals won’t be able to resist it. The hunters can utilize it to lure the traps. Apis Drones will go behind their Queen and get involved in a fight.


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Base Stats and Growth

Remember that the creatures will possess discrepant stats in SotF

Basic Stats

Attribute Amount at Level 1 Increase per point Taming Bonus
Wild Domesticated1 Add Mult
5Health ? ? ?
1Stamina ? ? ?
2Oxygen ? ? ?
3Food ? ? ?
6Weight ? ? ?
7Melee Damage ? ? ?
4Movement Speed ? N/A3 ?
8Torpor ? ? N/A4
  1. Percentages are depended on the value of the stat at the moment when the creature was domesticated (after the effectiveness of taming)
  2. The absolute Base Damage is displayed here rather than the percentage.
  3. The movement speed of untamed creatures won’t be developed and leveled up.
  4. Torpor develops every single level on the untamed creatures, but it can’t be developed after they are domesticated.
  • Check out Base Creature Statistics to find out a comparison of the creatures’ stats.
  • If you want to research on the way that levelup calculation operates, you should check out Creature Stats Calculation

Movement Speed

Movement Speed
Movement Type Base Speed Sprinting Stamina Used
Wild Domesticated
Walking  ?  ?  ?  ?
Swimming  ? N/A N/A N/A
  • The table shown above is the base speeds of the creature, and they are at 100% Movement Speed.
  • Check out Base Creature Speeds to find out a comparison of the creatures’ speeds



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Preferred Food

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KO Strategy

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The Dino Dossier was exposed on 09/20/2016

The scientific name of Giant Bee, Apis lithohermaea, is a real species of a large been living in Miocene Japan. Needless to say, the real creature was smaller.

Giant is the third creature that has a queen. The first two ones are being Araneo (Broodmother Lysrix) and Titanomyrma, but the Titanomyrma queen is not available in the game for now.

The dossier may bring up the feasible apiarist armor in the following update.

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