ARK Survival Evolved: Introducing Pelagornis

ARK Survival Evolved: Introducing Pelagornis

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Are you excited to check out a brand new Dino Dossier in ARK Survival Evolved game? Let’s say hi to Pelagornis which is known as a wonderful water bird! Time to find out its basic information!


Pelagornis miocaenus can be known as the bigger ancestor of water birds which are like a stork or pelican. This creature has the same traits as the current Brethren. But, seemingly, it spends its time on chasing down a fish on a deep ocean too much.


This creature has some of the unique skills, such as flying, walking, swimming on the surface and so on. This is one of the most adaptable mounts on the island. With the similar webbed feet, Pelagornis is allowed to control along the surface of the sea, and the feet will stop it from grabbing prey on the ground, which can restrict its attraction to several survivors.

Known Information:

Pelagornis is fond of taking a rest and allow its wings to feel relaxed a bit by paddling along the surface of the sea instead of shuffling along the beaches. This action can come from its surviving instincts.  The previous Miocene was a post-dinosaur era, and Pelagornis won’t be used to predators. Just thinking that how fast it can escape away from human beings


This can be a relative of a certain present seagull. Pelagornis is immediately noticeable from the usual Icthyornis because of its size. Having a wingspan, it owns a beak that is full of projections like teeth in order to tear fish, along with webbed feet to scull on the surface of the water when it wants to let its wings take a rest.


The dossier was launched on 05/30/16

Due to a wingspan that is roughly 6 meters, Pelagornis was known as one of the largest flying birds.

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