ARK Survival Evolved: Dimorphodon

ARK Survival Evolved: Dimorphodon

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ARK Survival Evolved: Dimorphodon
Common Name: Dimorphodon
Species: Dimorphodon equesica
Time: Early Jurassic
Diet: Carnivore
Temperament: Reactive
Release Date: July 18, 2015 (v188.0)
Tameable: Yes
Rideable: No

The Dimorphodon is one of awesome creatures that you will have a chance to confront with in ARK: Survival Evolved. This animal was added to the game on July 18th, 2015.

Basic Info


  • Wild: Dimorphodon Equesica is another Jekyll-and-Hyde creature living on the island. It’s usually passive and amiable sometimes. But if it is provoked, it will turns into belligerent. Dimorphodon can be able to make short work of diminutive rivals.
  • Domesticated: You can tame this creature then use it as your companion. Its helpful uses in the battles is kind of clear. It can search for foe dinosaur riders straightly by hunting in big groups, then assault them without ceasing.
  • Known Information: Dimorphodon is supposed to be low on the food chain. With the strong speed and powerful bite, it can become extremely perilous, particularly when assaulting in groups. While being furious, this creature can wipe out prey easily. So it will be better if the players don’t stick around the location nearby the flock of Dimorphodon.


Dimorphodons usually stay around in groups consisting of 2-5. You will rarely see them alone. They won’t assault the survivor unless you attack them first or loot their eggs. Utilizing the raptor tactic and start darting towards to you are the things that they probably perform all the time, which can give a raid and dart right behind you.


The outside appearance of Dimorphodon is very impressive. This creature has a diminutive flying reptile that has a round head. Their feathers have various colors, from bright to dark.

Base Stats and Growth

Attribute Amount at Level 1 Increase per point
Health.png Health 125.0 +40.6
Stamina.pngStamina 150.0 +15.0
Oxygen.pngOxygen 150.0 +16.5
Food.png Food 900.0 +30.0
Weight.png Weight 50.0 +2.1
Melee Damage.png Melee Damage 20.0* +179%
Movement Speed.pngMovement Speed 100.0 +2.5
Torpor.png Torpor 100.5 +6.0

*The absolute Base Damage is expressed here instead of the percentage (always 100% at Level 1).



These values are for optimum situations, always bring additional supplies!

You can utilize this outer calculator Taming Calculator by to check out a level dependent count of resources required.

KO Strategy

  • 1 – 5 Tranquilizer Arrows


You can use Dimorphodon for battling or use it as pack animals. You can’t ride them! 6 of them is enough to kill a spino without any casualties.


  • Leveling speed of Dimorphodon is considered as a great way to make a proficient hunting pack that keeps up with an Argentavis.
  • The size of Dimorphodon can be a big problem that make it hard to be hit, not just only for players but also for wild dinosaurs too. If you level up health and damage on a domesticated dinosaur, you can change the diminutive flying critter into a giant bat when you mine, collect or farm for food.
  • Launched by Jat on 15th June 2015 [1]
  • The Dossier was exposed on 13th July 2015

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